Anne Arundel Co.
Fire Department
Jacobsville Co. 10

Station 10 personnel

Station 10's personnel work the standard County 24/72 schedule.  Minimum staffing for Engine 104 is an officer and an apparatus operator, and staffing for Paramedic 10 is an EMT-P and an EMT-I.  On occasion, Paramedic 10 will be staffed with an EMT-P and an EMT-B.  In this case, the unit will function as Medic 10.

A-Shift Officer                                                                               Lieutenant Randy Corbel

A-Shift Officer                                                                              Lieutenant Jeff Blizzard

A-Shift Apparatus Operator                                                        Engineman Reid Raynor

A-Shift Apparatus Operator                                                        Vacant

A-Shift EMT-Paramedic                                                              Firefighter John Braun, Jr.

A-Shift EMT-Paramedic                                                              Firefighter Jennifer Hughes

B-Shift Officer/Company Commander                                     Captain Karen Estepp

B-Shift Officer                                                                               Lieutenant Tom Pezza

B-Shift Apparatus Operator                                                        Engineman Dave Martin

B-Shift Apparatus Operator                                                        Engineman Stephen D'Agostino

B-Shift EMT-Paramedic                                                         Firefighter Tony Ottomano

B-Shift EMT-Paramedic                                                              Firefighter Brooke Stiltner

C-Shift Officer                                                                              Lieutenant Alex Makris

C-Shift Officer                 Vacant                                                                         

C-Shift Apparatus Operator                                                        Engineman Jason McGillen

C-Shift Apparatus Operator                                                        Vacant

C-Shift EMT-Paramedic                                                               Firefighter Jonathan Mikeska

C-Shift EMT-Intermediate                                                         Firefighter Gina Chen

D-Shift Officer                                                                              Lieutenant Mike Seilhamer

D-Shift Officer                                                                              Lieutenant Susan Supko

D-Shift Apparatus Operator                                                  Engineman Tim Jerschied                                                      

D-Shift Apparatus Operator                                                       Engineman Kevin Hartlove

D-Shift EMT-Paramedic                                                              Firefighter Ashley Eckhardt

D-Shift EMT-Paramedic                                                              Firefighter Stephanie Taluba